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Gathering 2016 Results
pdf version of results
Shelton’s Choice Award-  1934 Morgan F4         Gene Spainhour

Best of Show-                   1934 Morgan F4         Gene Spainhour

Longest Distance-             1962 Daimler SP250   Dale Wright

Spirit of Adventure-           1966 TR4A                  Susan Weinbaum

Wrench Wracing-       Concours   Brian Huneycutt

                            Racing      1st      Callie Sledge         Cheetah

                                             2d      Eva Huneycutt      Wildfire

                                             3d      Jamie Palmer         Group 44 TR8

 Blue Ridge Rally-    1st       Gail Concannon and Deb Spehar    

                                2d     Paul Morro and Marilyn Gist

                                3d     Mike and Sarah Burdick


Class A- modern British cars and classic British cars with 8 cyl

         1st        Ken Hiebert                1972 TR6                     22.025

         2d        Andrew Randolph     2005 Lotus Elise          23.462

         3d        Jack McGahey          1980 TR8                     24.08

Class B- classic British cars with 6 cyl

         1st        Daryl Seifert               1972 TR6                     23.238

         2d        Steve Wesner             1973 TR6                     23.41

         3d        Carl Davidson             1970 TR6                    23.888

 Class C- classic British cars with 4 cyl

         1st        Bert Hicks                   1973 MGB                   25.696

         2d        Brian Huneycutt        1976 Spitfire               27.226

         3d        Karnam Marvin          1976 Spitfire               28.405

Fastest Time of the Day-

Ken Hiebert    1972 TR6  22.025

The Show Results -

 Class A1          Triumph TR3/3A/3B

1st        1960 TR3A                              Don and Lesly Wisch

2d        1961 TR3A                              Warren Bender

3d        1960 TR3A                              Bobby and Sandy Cox

 Class A2          Triumph GT6

1st        1968 GT6                                 Jon and Nancy Forrest

2d        1968 GT6                                 Jon Keil

 Class B1           AH 100-4

1st        1956 100-4                              Stuart and Mary Shepherd

 Class B2           AH 100-6, 3000 Mk I

1st        1956 AH 100-M                      Jim and Kay Ellis

2d        1958 AH 100-6                        Mike and Mary Vincoli

3d        1960 AH 3000                         Jerry Price

 Class B3           AH 3000 Mk II&III

1st        1967 AH 3000 MkIII BJ8         Jeff and Linda Rakes

2d        1967 AH 3000 MkIII BJ8         Paul Boone

3d        1967 AH 3000 MkIII BJ8         Barry and Virginia Dooley

 Class B4           AH Sprite

1st        1959 AH Sprite                       Bob Bistok

2d        1959 AH Sprite                       Sid and Deb Morris

 Class C1           Jaguar XK120/140/150

1st        1958 Jaguar XK-150               Eddie and Raylene Saunders

2d        1952 Jaguar XK-120               Lynn Holcomb

 Class C2           Jaguar E-type thru 1968

1st        1967 Jaguar E-Type                Chuck and Karen Meyers

 Class C3           Jaguar E-type 2/3 1969-on

1st        1973 Jaguar E-type/XKE        Conley Painter

2d        1971 Jaguar E-type/XKE        Doug and Dorena Boike

3d        1969 Jaguar E-Type/XKE       Bob and Jeannie Sidi

 Class C4           Jaguar Sedan thru 1967

1st        1938 Jaguar SS                       Spencer Frantz

 Class C5           Jaguar Sedan 1968-on

1st        2005 Jaguar XJ8                      Kjack Zimmerman

2d        1999 Jaguar XJR                     George Czerw

 Class C6           Jaguar XJS                  

1st        1995 Jaguar XJS Conv.           Rick and Dee Wotring

2d        1995 Jaguar XJS Conv.           Tracey Blevins

 Class C7           Jaguar XK/XK8/F

1st        2015 Jaguar F-type                Ron Stone

2d        1999 Jaguar XK8                     Skip and Judy Meyers

3d        2010 Jaguar XK                       Jerry and Judi Cohen

 Class D1          Rolls Royce/Bentley 

1st        2000 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph    John Krolewski

 Class E1           Historic MG’s

1st        1949 MG TC                            Corky and Priscilla Guenther

2d        1949 MG TC                            Kirk Crawford

3d        1953 MG TD                            J. Kent and Linda Bridges

 Class E2           MGA

1st        1961 MGA 1600                      David and Yates Marsic

2d        1959 MGA                               George and Jane Phillips

3d        1961 MGA Deluxe                  Jim and Sarah Brown

 Class E3           MGB/MGC GT Chrome

1st        1963 MGBGT                          Gerald Medford

2d        1971 MGB                               Benton Hairston

3d        1967 MGBGT                          Deck and Jennifer Whagy

 Class E4           MGB/MGBGT Rubber

1st        1979 MGB Roadster               Greg and Corinne Hoch

2d        1974 MGBGT                          Philip Spinella

3d        1971 MGB                               Bryant Hairston

 Class E5           MG Midget

1st        1979 MG Midget                    John Taylor

 Class F1           Mini thru 2001          

1st        1959 Morris Minor                            Kate Holmes

2d        1967 Morris Minor Traveler             Paul Johnson

 Class F2           MINI 2002-on

1st        2007 Mini Cooper                  Christina Spinella

 Class G1          Morgan all models

1st        1934 Morgan F4                     Gene Spainhour

2d        1963 Morgan 4-4                   Jack and Pat Zimmerman

3d        1953 Morgan +4                     Wayne Mackey and Larry Nelson

 Class H1          TVR all models

1st        1971 TVR 2500 Vixen             Rusty Lacy

2d        1973 TVR 2500 M                   Charles Cook

 Class J1            Sunbeam all models

1st        1966 Sunbeam Tiger              Chris Liester

2d        1967 Sunbeam Alpine           Stephen Smith

3d        1967 Sunbeam Alpine V        George and Beverly Coleman

 Class K1           Special Interest Sedan

1st        1971 Jensen Interceptor MKII           Eddie Barker

2d        1968 Daimler 250                               Michael Crews

 Class K2           Special Interest Sport

1st        1962 Daimler SP250               Dale and Stephen Wright

2d        1984 Aurora Cobra                Michael and Nancy Briggs

 Class L1           Lotus all models

1st        1960 Lotus Elite                     Bill and Martha Timmons

2d        2005 Lotus Elise                     Andrew Randolf

 Class M1         Triumph TR2

No entrants

 Class M2         Triumph TR4/TR4A

1st        1964 TR4                                 John and Jaquie Moore

2d        1966 TR4A                              Louis and Barbara Ezzelle

3d        1967 TR4                                 W. Forbes Kayhart

 Class M3         Triumph TR250/5

1st        1968 TR250                             Dave Brendle

2d        1968 TR250                             Will Sutton

3d        1968 TR5                                 Vernon Brannon

 Class M4         Triumph TR6 thru 1973

1st        1971 TR6                                 David Abbott

2d        1973 TR6                                 Gary Hutchison

3d        1971 TR6                                 John and Trudy Williamson

 Class M5         Triumph TR6 1974-on

1st        1976 TR6                                 Steve Lail

2d        1975 TR6                                 Ken Luterbach

3d        1976 TR6                                 Richard King

 Class M6         Triumph TR7/8

1st        1980 TR8                                 William Osborne

2d        1981 TR8                                 Eric Levitt

3d        1980 TR8                                 Jack and Caroline McGahey

 Class M7         Triumph Spitfire thru 1970

No entrants

 Class M8         Triumph Spitfire 1971-on

1st        1972 Spitfire 4/Mk I              Joseph and Becky Carter

2d        1976 Spitfire                           Richard and Carol Cates

3d        1971 Spitfire                           Jamie and Ally Palmer

 Class M9         Standard/Triumph other

1st        1972 Triumph Stag                Michael Burdick

 Class Z1           British Based Custom Cars

1st        2009 Morgan 3 wheel replica           Jim and Leanne Saunders

Gathering April 17 2015

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